Who We Are

Investing in People and Ideas That Can Change the World 1

Suego is not a conventional company. Its focus is to explore complex problems for high impact solutions.

We see big potential in the emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem. Creating opportunity. Reducing poverty. Increasing economic prosperity. Building community. Sharing the wealth. We bring services that help make these goals a reality.

A school hobby in 2009 grew into a freelance gig in 2015, and is today a growth-driven design & internet marketing company in the Washington DC market called BloomShift. The goal then and to this day is to assist small businesses compete effectively online. The success so far is not just from single projects, but also the continued relationship and return on investment (ROI) clients share back.

While the entrepreneurial ecosystem is gaining momentum, it is still inaccessible to people with disabilities for varied reasons. In an effort to reduce barriers, an experimental startup activity was launched and Disability StartUP was born shortly after. Poverty can affect anyone, and even more so disabled people. So why not give them a hand up by teaching how to begin the startup journey? The interest was unexpcted, but there in lies an opportunity.

We have a strong commitment to our clients worldwide and their communities. The team will do our best to make Suego a long term success and the world a better place.


Suego Team

1 Partly inspired by Warren Buffett’s essays and in his annual reports, and his and Google's “An Owner’s Manual” to Berkshire Hathaway and Google shareholders, respectively.