Who We Are

Investing in People and Ideas That Can Change the World

SUEGO is not a conventional company. Its focus is to explore complex problems for high impact solutions. - Steven A. Rodriguez, Founder & Managing Director, SUEGO

SUEGO is a minority-owned solutions provider that develops innovative programs, products and services in five program areas. Our clients range from dynamic startups and entrepreneurs to inspiring enterprise-level organizations and executives.

Our Startup Foundry™ division works to increase the launch and growth of new ventures, and support minority-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C.

Our BloomShift™ division focuses on bringing strategy, design, and technology together to craft digital experiences to stimulate revenue and sustainable business growth.

Our Community Crafting™ division seeks to increase economic development by developing new tools and strategies to foster thriving startup communities and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our DC Startup Week™ division focuses on supporting individuals building startups in Washington, D.C. by representing the interests of entrepreneurs, celebrating successes, and fostering a cohesive and collaborative community.

Our InnovateCoalition™ division seeks to build strategic relationships around innovation, startup creation, and finance to promote public policy and supports an environment for innovation.

Our approach to impact in all five areas emphasizes collaboration, innovation, risk-taking, and, most importantly, results.

We see big potential in the emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem. Creating opportunity. Reducing poverty. Increasing economic prosperity. Building community. Sharing the wealth. We bring programs, products and services that help make these goals a reality.

Corporate Responsibility

We foster a #GiveFirst culture as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, working with partners worldwide to break down barriers to economic opportunity, help people lift themselves out of poverty, and deliver sustainable and inclusive growth that benefits everyone.

We have a strong commitment to our clients worldwide and their communities. The team will do our best to make SUEGO a force for good and the world a better place.